Eugene Realtors for Community
National Association Of Social Workers, Oregon Chapter
Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (AFT Local 3544)
United Academics of the University of Oregon

Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Sierra Club Oregon Chapter
Joint Council of Teamsters #37
Freethought Equity Fund

Former Mayor Kitty Piercy
Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch

Representative Julie Fahey
Representative Marty Wilde

Chelsea Jennings, LCC Board Member
Lisa Fragala, LCC Board Member
Steve Mital, EWEB Commissioner

Martina Shabram, 4J School Board Member
Mary Walston, 4J School Board Member
Matt McRae, EWEB Commissioner Elect

Shawn Boles, Former Eugene City Councilor
Josh Newman, Former Friendly Area Neighbors Chair
Kelsey Zlevor, Downtown Neighbors Chair
Pete Knox,
Downtown Neighbors Vice-Chair

Paul Solomon, Executive Director, Sponsors

Katharine Ryan, Eugene Budget Committee Citizen Member
Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Eugene Budget Committee Citizen Member
Ryan Moore, Eugene Budget Committee Citizen Member

Patricia Hine & Deb McGee, Founders, 350 Eugene

Tim Morris
Jon Belcher
Jen Bell
Alexis Biddle
Rebecca Blankenship
Joshua Burstein
Carol Horne Dennis

Isaac Judd
Harriet Merrick

Josh Skov
Todd Miller
Babe O'Sullivan
Seth Sadofsky
Howard Saxion
Kevin Shanley
John VanLandingham
Richie Weinman
Sue Wolling


Green Light

  • Basic Rights Oregon Equity PAC