I'm Eliza Kashinsky, and I’m running for Eugene City Council, Ward 1.

Eugene can be a leader in creating solutions to the challenges that face us. But the systems on which our city is built are not sustainable—they aren’t environmentally sustainable, they aren’t economically sustainable, they aren’t equitable. That’s why Eugene, like so many places, is struggling to reduce our climate impact, fix our housing crisis, solve our homelessness crisis. 

We’ve been planning for how to solve these problems for years, and it is long past time to start doing. But to do that, we need new leadership at City Council who can get big things done. 

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    Onward to November!

    Last night, as I watched election results come in, it was clear Eugene is ready for a change. 

    Only once in the past 25 years has an incumbent City Councilor had to run in the General Election.  Ward 1 voters deserve a chance to chose on Election Day who is going to represent us for the next four years, particularly as we confront the major challenges that face us.  I’m honored and humbled to be moving on to the General Election in November for the Ward 1 City Council Seat.

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