I'm Eliza Kashinsky, and I’m running for Eugene City Council, Ward 1.

Eugene can be a leader in creating innovative solutions to the challenges that face us. But many of the systems on which our city is built are not sustainable—they aren’t environmentally sustainable, they aren’t economically sustainable, they aren’t equitable. That’s part of why Eugene, like so many places, is struggling to address racial equity, reduce our climate impact, fix our housing crisis, and find solutions for those who are unhoused. 

It is long past time to go from talking to doing. But for that, we need new leadership at City Council who can get big, bold things done.  My experience on Eugene's Budget Committee, leading non-profit organizations, and working to fix our City's housing regulations means I'm ready to help Eugene move forward.

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    Focusing on our Priorities

    (as published in the 8-18 Register Guard Opinion Section)

    Over the past few years, I've been thinking about what the "job" of the City of Eugene is.  The more I hear from our residents on what the priorities are and what they want the City to be doing and focusing on, the more I see a misalignment between the work the City is set up to do and the work we need to be doing.

    The structure of our City government needs to reflect the priorities of our community.  (Read the full piece)

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    Real change requires us to all.  Help Elect Eliza to Eugene City Council for real progress making Eugene a more sustainable and just community.  

    You can also download electronic copies of our fliers and signs!