Meet Eliza

headshot of elizaLike many of my neighbors, I moved to Ward 1 eleven years ago because I value living in a neighborhood where there are choices— to walk to the store instead of driving, to live in different types of homes that meet different needs and budgets, and to take advantage of the many options for how to spend a Saturday afternoon. I’ve spent the past decade working to ensure that all Eugenians can have those same choices.

In 2015, I co-founded WE CAN, the Walkable Eugene Citizens Advisory Network, which advocated for greater diversity in housing types and neighborhood walkability. I spent five years fighting to remove the barriers to accessory dwelling units (also known as backyard cottages, garage apartments, or granny flats) from the zoning code, so that more neighbors can access this small, more affordable option.

I have also spent years directly engaged in the work of the City:

  • I served on the Eugene Active Transportation Committee from 2014 to 2016.
  • I was appointed to the Eugene Budget Committee in 2017, where I have continued to push to preserve funding for affordable housing and human services.
  • I’ve served on the Lane County Planning Commission since 2021.
  • I’ve also served on numerous working groups, including the Housing Tools and Strategies Working Group, the Public Safety Revenue Team, and Mayor’s Climate Recovery Ordinance Ad Hoc Working Group.

Professionally, I have nearly 20 years of experience in non-profit and public sector management, with a focus on helping organizations in transition develop the infrastructure they need for success. I was previously the Operations Director for the Organic Materials Review Institute and the Human Resources Director for South Lane Mental Health. I’m currently a Senior Management Analyst at Lane County.

I deeply love Eugene and Oregon, and when I’m not reading City budgets or zoning code, you can find me exploring our beautiful state and our amazing community with my partner.

I have the experience to hit the ground running on City Council and help make real progress for Eugene.